Open Cardi similar: Buckle;?Floppy black hat similar: Nine West?; X Neck long sleeve top: Francesca’s, White (L only), Grey, blue,?Striped, Waffle; Distressed jeans (same brand but slightly different: Francesca’s; Boots similar: JCP

Hey ya’ll and welcome to Branded by Grace!


Today is a very special day because….

This is my very first post on BBG! So, to all you reading this, congratulations, you are a part of history in the making! (Ok, so maybe that’s a little much!) But hey, you are my very first audience and to me that’s something!

I will give you a quickie synopsis, but you can read more about me over on my About page.

I started blogging last year on my original site, Peppered Pretty. But, when I decided to take blogging a little more seriously, I started over and opened up Branded by Grace. My passions are fashion and decorating, and that is just what you will find here. ?With a little bit of life mixed in (shaken not stirred).

I am a bit of an avid fashionista, but don’t let that fool you. I am not that always put together gal you see sitting so picturesque in the coffee shop. Leggings and a sweater had become my default setting this past winter. ?But, it is something I admire and notice all around me. So here is a simple casual little number I put together.

(P.s. I was freezing in these pictures! ?Haha, it was a frigid day! But thanks to my friend Abby for weathering the cold and snapping these pics for me!!!)

Ok, I LOVE this sweater (I’m sure everyone is sick of seeing me wear it). ?But it is soft, warm, and the neutral color makes is incredibly versatile. Fortunately (and unfortunately) I purchased this sweater on sale (@ Maurices) and being that summer clothes are now in full stock, it is no longer available. (So sorry!) But, I did find another open cardi that is similar over @ Buckle! (All my details and links above.)

I was also crushing on the long sleeve top @ Francesca’s. Looking online, this color is no longer available. (I know, I’m really losing here.) But, they do have other colors and fabrics available in the same style (info above). And bonus! They are now on sale for less that $10. What?! See, I redeemed myself.

One more time, all outfit details above. Ok ok, I’m done saying that.

So whew, first post out!

How’d I do?!

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