the benefits of spending time alone and simple spring outfit with brown wedges

Hey ya’ll. Spring is (officially) here. And even though I’m not a spring girl, it’s closer to summer and winter is (officially) over. Today I wanted to share this perfect spring outfit with you as well as what I have learned about setting time aside for yourself and the benefits of spending time alone.

I’m kinda in love with this outfit at the moment. It’s great for spring. And yes, I know. There’s snow. And I know. I’m wearing sandals. It’s Cleveland weather. These wedges are very snug–which I love because it keeps my feet from sliding out and provides the needed support. They are from JustFab which actually requires a subscription. So I linked some other styles down below so you don’t have to join their program as well as similar cardis. I also styled these with white denim and a trench coat if you are looking for more outfit ideas. I love them because they are casual and go with a lot. They are great with jeans but I am already looking forward to pairing them with a cute summer dress and a much-needed tan.

the benefits of spending time alone and simple spring outfit with brown wedges

the benefits of spending time alone and simple spring outfit with brown wedges

They’re perfect with this long sweater because it gives me a little extra height to compensate for the cardi length. Especially if you are shorter, pair a longer sweater with heels so it doesn’t overwhelm you and you don’t risk tripping over it. And me + neutrals are pretty tight nowadays. So I’m loving this airy, cooler outfit minus the fuss.

the benefits of spending time alone and simple spring outfit with brown wedges

Okay, so I want to share with you guys some things that I have actually been learning for myself recently and that have really made me a stronger person. I have grown personally, and it has really helped me to be more independent and motivated. It all has to do with being alone. And I don’t mean in a lonely kind of a way. I’m talking about setting aside time and being okay with just being by yourself for a little bit.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not telling you to cut all ties and live in isolation! ABSOLUTELY not. That would be incredibly boring and lonely. I don’t know what I would do without my girls by my side. They are literally the best, and they are those few people you know you can always trust and count on. But there are just times you need to set time aside for yourself.

Being alone makes you stronger + independent

I have found that I learn a lot when I’m forced to do things by myself and not just rely on others for help. There are plenty of times when you need people and friends for support, but there are also times when you need to just figure it out alone. You will learn so much more. It’s all about #balance.

It creates confidence

When it’s just you, it’s just you. When I have time to myself and focus on what I want to do, it breeds confidence. You learn to make your own decisions and reap your own hard work. It is encouraging to see any progress you make, and to see how incredibly capable you are when you can set time aside to FOCUS (which is definitely still not one of my fortes).

For the sake of your sanity (and others’)

Okay, ladies, let’s face it. Sometimes we can be a little bit…uh um…crazy. As women we tend to worry about everything and everyone and just lather on the stress. As women with children, a home, college challenges, work, or anything else, things tend to get a little tense and so do we. You really really need to take a little bit of time, even if just an hour, to get out, unplug, relax, whatever. And you need to do it alone. This is more than just pampering. It is mental and emotional health, and it is just as important–if not more so–than physical health. We as women also feel a need to care for others. Maybe it’s just a mother type instinct, I don’t know. But either way, we push ourselves to the side. You have probably heard this a million times, but doing that will do no one any good. If you are not stable, you will be useless to others. The saying goes, “You can’t pour from an empty cup.”

It allows you to think + be productive

Being alone also lets me think. When I’m alone and with no distractions, I can come up with ideas and brainstorm. It allows me to gather my thoughts and to really focus on my own goals. Sometimes those short bursts of time alone are all you really need to get yourself together and to just get stuff done.


It really just gives you a boost of energy. It’s your own motivational pep-talk. Slap on the butt and you’re good to go. Just sitting at a coffee shop for an hour, going for a run, or doing a hobby you love will do wonders for you mentally + physically.

Balances your mood

Does this even need to be said? We all get this way, where we are just incredibly irritable and moody. And sometimes it’s no one’s fault. We just are. When I get this way sometimes it’s just best to just step back and take a breather. It relaxes me and allows me to gather myself before I take my frustration out on someone else.


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