Taking pictures and posing in public is still a struggle I can’t seem to shake. I have definitely become more comfortable in front of the camera, but am always attempting to dodge busy areas. I know that I just have to get over yourself, but I can’t help thinking that everyone just thinks I’m incredibly narcissistic. Whatcha gonna do?! Same skirt two ways. I am in love with both of these outfits because all of the pieces (including the tote)… Read more »

Hit the ground running–best way to tackle a Monday. I FINALLY settled on a planner for the 2018-2019 year which already makes me feel organized. Am I the only one like this? Needless to say, I’m now ready for a new week. While my real day to day style is usually pretty simple and laid back, I love playing with different looks and incorporating new pieces. And sometimes I enjoy being a bit overdressed. Dress the part until you become… Read more »

  Binge watching FRIENDS and waiting for the p’zza to come because tonight I don’t feel like going anywhere. Homebody kind of a night. You feel? Also, who doesn’t love to gawk at Rachel Green’s whole wardrobe? I love summer, but with August already half way through I’m holding my breath for fall. Transitioning from summer to fall is one of may faves–I get so excited to start incorporating warmer pieces. (I shared some legging transition styles a few posts… Read more »