Hey hey! I don’t normally do product reviews but for years I have been a huge fan of whitening strips. They do an amazing job at whitening my teeth and really work. Really. (This is not a paid post fyi). So I thought I would share my crest whitening strips review. I also have used other ways of keeping my teeth white and wanted to share those as well. First off, there are a few different kinds of treatments out… Read more »

Hey there, Ladies! I want to share this little number with you guys that is perfect for chilly days. I also want to let you guys in on my story of taking a few years off after high school and the benefits of waiting to go to college. Here are my outfit deets for you! I’m a firm believer that cowboy boots go with ANYTHING. Honestly, I found these ones at AE a few years back. I found a similar… Read more »

Hey, Ladies. Your closet. Did you just wince a little? Thinking about the amount of clothes hanging, laying, and piled up in there? It’s crazy that we can spend a good portion of our lives staring blankly in and wondering what to wear? As a result, we often end up discouraged. I’m going to help you guys out by sharing some easy tips in The Broke Girl’s Guide to Creating a Staple Closet. It has all become white noise to… Read more »