Hey hey! I don’t normally do product reviews but for years I have been a huge fan of whitening strips. They do an amazing job at whitening my teeth and really work. Really. (This is not a paid post fyi). So I thought I would share my crest whitening strips review. I also have used other ways of keeping my teeth white and wanted to share those as well.

Crest whitening strips review & easy way to keep a white smile

First off, there are a few different kinds of treatments out there, and I have always used Crest. Honestly, I have also always used the cheap ones (around $30) and have not been disappointed.? Here is the link to the whitening strips. You can find them at just about any grocery store or convenience store. The treatment lasts only a week. Each day includes two sets–each set contains two strips, one for the top and one for the bottom. Do one treatment in the AM and one at night and leave them on for 30 minutes.

It is recommended that you use their treatment every 6 months but from personal experience you do not have to use it so frequently. It will probably depend on your preferences–and how? much coffee you drink 😛

Since I don’t use the strips every 6 months I like to every once and a while mix baking soda with my normal toothpaste. Baking soda whitens teeth (it pretty much does everything). Even if you don’t use any other treatment, this is a simple and easy way to diy.

Crest whitening strips review & easy way to keep a white smile

Also, this will sound ridiculous and obvious–but flossing makes a difference. Not only are their health benefits, but it will help to keep your teeth cleaner and whiter, especially near the ends of each tooth.

I will say, DO NOT use whitening strips (or the baking soda mix for that matter) if you have sensitive teeth. The strips can cause your teeth to hurt a bit every once and while during the week. I don’t have sensitive teeth but still have experienced this a little bit. It’s normal. Just up to you if you’re willing to deal with it.

Another thing you may notice are white spots that will appear on your teeth. This is normal as well and will go away afterwards. So try it out and let me know what you think! And if you’ve tried any of the other treatments I’d love to hear about them too and how they worked out for you!

Also, outfit deets…I bought this grey knotted shirt from Charlotte Russe for around $12 but can’t find the exact one on their site. But I linked some others below. It’s simple, basic, and long in the back which is perfect for wearing with leggings.

That’s it. Happy Friday, babes.

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