how to style a paperbag skirt


Hey Beauts! Summer is underway and I’m a little nervous that it’s already June. Slow down please. Mk thanks.

I came across this paperbag skirt and loved it! (I really wish there was another name for this style). It is really chic but also simple and not fussy. I’m definitely a girl that likes to feel put together but, at the same time, not too complicated. I found this from Nordstrom and decided to put together a post for you guys with some ideas for how to style a paperbag skirt. (Piggy-backing on my previous post on Three Different Ways to Style an Athletic Skirt.)

And if you are not a skirt girl, but like the style, there is also a pair of paperbag shorts similar to this skirt that I will link for you down below.

Also, how obvious is it that I missed a button?! Insert face palm. Seriously, Al?

#1 Ruffle

how to style a paperbag skirt

how to style a paperbag skirt


This ruffle shirt though! Just for when you’re feelin’ a little bit extra. Wink wink. I bought it in an XS but wish I had gone one size up because it is a little short. However, tucking it into a high-waisted skirt like this works out pretty well. This is perfect for a summer night out–especially pairing the outfit with these peep-toe booties. Fancy fancy.

#2 Casual

how to style a paperbag skirt

how to style a paperbag skirt

how to style a paperbag skirt


I love this look because it is a bit more casual and would be great for a grad party or cook-out. This tank is also great with just jeans or a pair of shorts. It’s so versatile and the color and style is really flattering!

Since whatever top you wear with this skirt is best tucked in, choosing a shirt that is shorter or thinner is your best bet to avoid bunching and constant readjusting.






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  1. Rebecca

    I’ve never heard of a paper bag skirt, but your skirt is adorable and paired w/ your blouses is so fun!


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