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Happy Tuesday guys! If you saw my last post you know I changed things up a bit with a (super easy) project I had done. So I’m going to ride that train a bit longer and share my latest “renovation”. I love trying my hand at a project. It can be great therapy when you need some time to yourself and honestly, I’m usually pretty darn proud to see my final piece.

This time around I decided to go with a distressed look. Mainly because I had (unintentionally) beat up my table a bit. It had a sort of wood looking laminate on it. It started peeling off easily so I figured I would just strip it: until the whole table surface did not peel off like I had intended. After scrapping and scrapping and sanding I was left with a rough tabletop.

So distressed it was.

There are so many techniques and ways to get that distressed look. After some research I went with the candle method. And incorporated some of my own ideas (wink wink).

So here is what my precious little table looked like before I attempted to tear off the whole top. (As you can see some was already gone.)

I actually just used some paint I had found lying around my basement. I used a few different shades of blue and one kind of white. (And, psst, these little “test” sized paints are perfect for smaller projects.)

To start off, just paint random spots all over your piece. The key is to not try too hard. Normally this would drive me up a wall, since I can be a bit of a perfectionist. But that is not what we are shooting for here. I chose to go with my darkest color first. The nice thing about this though is that you will be able to add as many layers as you want until you get the look you want. So if you are not happy with it, just add another layer. This is such a forgiving project.

After you have painted your first layer and allowed it to dry, you are going to use a candle and just rub it at random spots all over. This is a bit harder since you can’t see exactly where you went, but once again, imperfection is key.

Like that “action” shot?!

Once you have done this you are going to take your next color and do just what you did with the first color. Paint randomly over the first color and in new spots. Then once again, let it dry.

Now here is where the distressing actually comes into play. You are going to take a rag and rub your piece while applying a lot of pressure. What should happen is the areas which you painted over the candle will come up revealing whatever is underneath. Now, this is where a bit of Alyism came into play. It did not wipe off completely. Partly, I believe, was due to the fact that rubbing paint off of rough wood was difficult. So once you add more paint layers, it should wipe off the smoother surfaces easier. What I ended up doing was taking a plastic scraper, wrapping it in a rag, and using that to bring up the paint, which worked great and I was able to get the look I wanted.

Just keep repeating these steps until you are satisfied. As you can see, I decided to paint the legs gold. Thank you spray paint!

I used a spray sealant when I was finished. But feel free to experiment with your own. The finish you want and the use of your piece should help you determine what method to go with.

And voila!

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Hey guys!

Long time no write! Miss me? Thought so 😉

I have been wanting to switch things up on you guys a bit. I love fashion but also have an interior design bone somewhere in me. It is so satisfying to see a space totally changed, even if it is small. It makes such a big impression.

The other day I was browsing around Arhaus trying to just take it in. If you have ever been in one you know that there is a lot and can be a bit overwhelming and hard to catch everything. But all their different set ups are so perfectly put together and within just a few steps you can exit the one and enter the next: bedrooms, dining rooms, offices, etc etc. *sigh.* I truly admire it and it’s the perfect place to gather a handful of solid ideas and inspirations.

So I did a little project of my own that I thought I would share. You’ll love it because it is super crazy easy, and not to mention easy on the wallet. Win win!

I had been looking for a piece of furniture to revamp and after visiting a couple second hand stores, went home disappointed. That very week my mom came across this shelf she found sitting out on someone’s curb. It was the perfect guinea pig and I loved the design of it. Not to mention it fit perfectly in the corner of my bathroom and filled in a bit of empty space.

I decided to go with “chalk” paint. Ever heard of it? It has, surprise surprise, a chalky matte finish to it. And the beautiful thing about chalk paint is that it sticks to anything (ok, almost anything). It also requires little to no sanding. I used the Americana Decor brand. Home Depot and Amazon both carry it.

Depending on what you are painting you may want to wipe it down so you are not painting over any dirt or grime. Now, you can sand it if it really needs it, but generally there is no need to. And then, just paint.


I chose to take apart my shelf to paint it. Depending on the color of the piece and the color of the paint you may have to do several coats. I painted my shelf twice then reassembled it. After it was put together I touched up the areas that needed it as well as the parts I had nicked during reassembly.

After it was painted (make sure it is dry) and built I used the Americana Decor Creme Wax as a top coat. You can use a wax or polyurethane. Since I wanted to keep it more of a matte finish and not glossy I chose to go with the wax. I just applied it with a lint free rag.

And that was it. See? Simple.

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Happy weekend guys! Hopefully you all have something fun planned for Mother’s Day. Not quite sure what we’ll be doing yet

So today I wanted to share with you guys some of my own beauty “hacks” that I have found work well. There are sooo many products, makeup, food, etc. out there and it can all be so overwhelming. Especially if you are a simple gal like me.

Not too mention pricey! Seriously it’s ridiculous. I mean, is a $100 moisturizer really necessary? Sorry, but Sephora ain’t getting my money today.

So here are some of my favs. Feel free to comment if you have any of your own tricks. I would love to hear from you!

Lemon Water

So lemon water is kinda my newest kick. It’s amazing how something so simple is so good for you. It has plenty of benefits but what I really love about it is that the natural flavor makes me drink more water and it also helps to rejuvenate your skin. ?Simply throw a few lemons in a water bottle or put a few slices in a glass to refill at home. Other benefits include

  • Weight loss
  • More Energy
  • Stronger immune system
  • Better Digestion
  • Higher brain function




Coconut Oil

Ok, so maybe you have caught wind of the coconut fad going around. There is a reason it is so stinkin’ popular. Literally, it is has soo many uses! (and you can just snag it at the grocery store). It is great for skin, hair, lips, and recipes. I whipped together coconut oil and sugar to create a body scrub that takes away dead skin and moisturizes. You can also,

  • Apply warm oil to hair and leave it in. Wrap it up in a towel and let it sit. Honestly, there are many opinions as to how long. Some say 10 minutes while others choose to leave it in overnight. Shampoo thoroughly to remove all the oil. (Also, to avoid clogging any drains, be sure to run hot water down to clear up the pipes.)
  • Use on lips to moisturize.
  • Body scrub (as I mentioned above.) I whipped 1 1/4 cup sugar with 3/4 cup coconut oil. Optional: you can also add essential oil.
  • Rub on sunburned skin!



Neutrogena Acne Correct & Cover

So I’m pretty simple when it comes to makeup. I am often times in the more-is-less camp. Especially when it comes to foundation, I would much rather pass. I hate the look and feel of cakey makeup. But I love this product. Really it is like a tinted moisturizer. It helps to even out skin tone while still keeping a natural look. Note that since it is fairly light, it will not cover everything! But if you are looking for something light, especially this summer, it is defiantly a go to. Also, what I really really love about it is that there are only two shades to chose from. It comes in fair to light or medium to tan, so no guessing involved. (Am I the only one lost when staring at 20 shades all only slightly different from the next?)



Maybelline Cover Stick Green Concealer

Ok, so you will thank me for this one! Like I said, I am really not fancy by any stretch when it comes to makeup. But I stumbled upon this?Maybelline green concealer?and use it a lot! Green counteracts red, so this concealer helps to fade any breakouts. This will be your last minute life saver! You can use it by itself and blend it in to the red area. Or what I often do is apply it, without worrying about blending it completely. And then I apply my Neutorgena corrector over top.

Baking Soda

Like coconut oil, there are countless ways to use baking soda. It can even be used to whiten teeth. You can drop a couple hundred to get them whitened professionally. You can even use whitening strips. I have used these previously and been very happy with the results. But, if you are still not willing to drop $30, or are just looking to maintain, baking soda is the way to go. I simply just mix it with my own toothpaste.

Hopefully some of these helped you out! Once again I would love to hear any of your suggestions or comments! Also, don’t forget I am now on Pinterest so go ahead and follow me!

Happy weekend!