Hey guys!

Mother’s Day is less than 2 weeks away (May 14th)! So I thought I would help you guys out with a little gift guide. You can thank me later 😉

My mom is seriously my best friend. We are so incredibly close and I am so blessed to have the relationship I have with her. She is the strongest woman I know (seriously, everyone says this but with her it’s true!). And her patience with me continues to amaze me. She puts up with everything I bring to her, listens, and helps me through. I go to her for advice all the time and I could not be more thankful for her wisdom and reassurance.

She really does deserve the world.

Ok, enough of the “fluff” (fyi my mom hates fluff).

Anyway, I asked a few moms what they would really want on their day. And with their help I came up with 13 different ideas. The gifts range quite a bit in price and style since I tried to cover all the different women out there.

There is a short description below each gift, and you can just click the pic to go straight to the site. Also, these aren’t strictly for mothers. Many would work for grandmothers or mothers in law too.

I hope these help you out or at least give you some ideas. If you are still stumped on what to get, I found that many sites have Mother’s Day guides to help you out and give you a bit of inspo.

And don’t forget I am on Pinterest! ?And any of theses ideas can be easily saved to your boards. Just hover and click the “Pin it” button.

Just one more thing…

Mother’s Day is all about showing your appreciation. My mom’s own words (paraphrased) were that above even the gifts is the service: actually doing something for her. So don’t forget to SHOW her how much you appreciate and lover her. Actions speak louder than words (and even gifts!)



Etsy is great for personalized gifts! Create your own necklace for her with the birthstones and initials of her kiddos. (This also comes in a bangle if a necklace isn’t quite her style.)

A doormat? Pretty up the front door with summer coming up.


Classic Grey Wood 12.5-inch x 9-inch Winston Serving Tray

This was one of my mom’s ideas. Great for dinner or coffee out on the deck, a pretty serving tray is cute and something she will actually use.

This tassel is so bright and fun, and how clever is this?



How many glasses have you broken? Ha, I have done my fair share. A new set of (matching) tumblers may seem odd at first, but I am sure she will love how put together is makes the dinner table feel.

This isn’t for everyone. But for some mom’s out there a simple fresh tee may be just right.




Ok, this is for the healthy momma. This infuser is great for on the go!





Burt's Bees Hand Repair Gift Set

Mom’s spend all day working. Whether it is an office job, washing dishes (again) or changing another diaper I am sure any one would enjoy a little pampering.




Most mom’s live on coffee (I love it and I don’t even have kids). I love the colors of these and they will brighten up any kitchen.







This fit bit craze still going? I love the rose gold color of this one and it’s something she can use all day.





Summer is coming up and I tried to keep that in mind when choosing gifts. These flip flops are so cute and great for slipping on while running out the door.




Main Image - Cathy's Concepts Personalized Faux Leather Clutch

These are great for packing or for simply staying organized. Just choose her initial! Fancy stuff.



This tote is great for vacation, a day at the pool, or even a trip to the zoo.






(Pics by Kelley)
Black flouncy romer: Target; (Favorite) Gold strap sandals: Maurice’s

Hey guys!

I love to write. I know many people don’t. But I do. Yet I still sometimes struggle with what to write. Whether it is a physical pen and paper in front of you, or (in my case) a blank document with the alphabet under my fingertips, what to say can leave you staring out the window.

So today, I got my pictures together but wasn’t sure what to say. I decided to go back and look at two of my favorite blogs. These have inspired me. Seeing theirs makes me want to continue blogging, even though the differences and experiences between mine and theirs are staggering. But today, when I visited one blog (South Curls & Pearls) she was doing a bit of reminiscing, sharing pictures from way back. ?As I scrolled down, the photos noticeably improved…drastically.

As did the years.

To see where she started and how far she has come was inspiring. And it got me thinking.

I am a perfectionist. And the problem with that (if I haven’t already said) is that no one is perfect. So when what I want or what is envisioned in my head does not turn out perfect, it gets to me.

So for me (and maybe you too) I am hesitant to try things or begin something, knowing that I won’t be 100% up to par. As a small example, I can’t even tell you how many different headers I created trying to find the perfect one for BBG: how many variations, colors, fonts, sizes, designs I played with until finally I just had to give in: those awful cringe-worthy words “good enough” ?now come to mind.

You see. We can’t hold back forever. We can’t be afraid to go ahead or try with the haunting thoughts that we will fail. Because if we never start we will never see where we could be. And the longer we put it off the longer it will take to get there. Because if you wait until you’re ready, you’ll never make it.

So, for me, I have this blog. And as long as I enjoy it I’m going to continue.

People may say things about what you do, some people will encourage and plenty will pull down, but learn from both. Learn learn learn. Take what you can use and shrug off what doesn’t matter.

So there.

I know this is a bit different from my other blogs and honestly a little weird to put out. It probably could have been said a bit more eloquently, but hopefully it encourages you in some aspect of your life wherever you’re at!

And just so I don’t get too crazy, I have to mention my outfit. (You know, because there was a lot of talent in putting this one together.) But I’m kinda digging rompers. They are cute and seriously effortless. I love this one because I can dress it up with a statement necklace and some bangles for going out to dinner, or can throw on some sandals and a jean jacket for a more casual look.

Thanks for reading! It means so much to me.


Striped lace up blouse: Aeropostale; Midi shorts: AEO; Two tone strap sandals: Maurice’s

Good Morning guys!

Once again I find myself sitting in Starbucks. Honestly it has been a while since my last visit but I just love sitting here sipping on a drink, with my laptop in front of me. I could sit here for hours, and often times I do. I’ll work a little, write a bit, and spend plenty of time people watching.

So earlier this week my boyfriend (Kelley) and I went out and snapped these (and more) pictures. I have to say I had so much fun and spent a good part of the time laughing.?As soon as?I put that camera in his hands he turned into some sort of Hollywood manager. Telling me how to pose and where to look (and not to look). He tried to get “serious” poses out of me but I just can’t do that. I will just break into laughter.

Serious isn’t my forte.

But let me say picture taking is awkward. And I appreciated his “manager” attitude because?sometimes I just hardly know what to with myself.?I love him, he’s the best.

But anyway…

I got this shirt at Aeropostale. I’m not a huge fan of the store anymore but loved this shirt and it was under $20. I love it with shorts but honestly it will go with leggings, jeans, white denim, or even a skirt. It’s perfect for spring.

Thanks for stopping by, hope ya’ll loved! Enjoy the rest of your week!