Hey guys!

So I have finally made a few moments to sit down and put this post out. I have been in sunny Florida and wanting to share it with you all. I had started a post yesterday but was hesitant to give you guys anything. It was just not up to my standards; I guess this perfectionist’s imperfections were coming out just a little too much!

But it is a gorgeous state and we have had such a good time I just couldn’t pass up this opportunity. Not to mention I am already leaving tomorrow and just simply could not put this off any longer!

My mom and I flew down Tuesday morning to stay with some family friends. This was my second flight, but the first I remember. I was ok with flying and really left little room for any worry. But I tell you this, as I got closer the knots in my stomach got that much tighter. I felt awful just moments before boarding, sitting there waiting. They called my zone number and I was off, walking through those tight hallways.

I found my seat, sat down, and mustered up the courage to take a selfie.

(Insert selfie here)

Anyway, moving on, I was fine, the flight was great, and the view was unbelievable!

We touched down in Tampa but actually stayed in Sarasota. I just can’t believe the beauty of it all. ?Sunshine, warmth, and palm trees! Seriously, palms trees in front yards. What?

The first day we spent laying by the pool trying to absorb all the uv rays Cleveland failed to offer. (There is a different sun down here.)

Siesta Key was the first beach we visited. That first night we went down there to try to catch a glimpse of the sunset. It slid behind the clouds before setting but we never missed the pure beauty of the scene. Isn’t God’s creation just breath taking?

I forgot how wonderful the smell of the ocean was. And the sand was unbelievably soft.

Beyond the beaches, Sarasota has so much to offer. I learned that in 1927, Sarasota became the winter headquarters for the Ringling Brothers & Barnum and Bailey Circus. So around here the word Ringling is not foreign, you find it everywhere.

Also, there was this. And who wouldn’t want to see this?

Wednesday was our beach day and we decided to plant our chairs at Lido Key.

(Insert yet another gorgeous beach.)

I am just caught up in the absolute beauty of the state. The blue skies, the endless palm trees, the beaches littered with sea shells, the salty waves; now I know why people move here.

So I know this post is different than the other ones but I still wanted to share some of the few things I packed. (I had to pack light because of my baggage allowance and I am pretty durn proud.) But I love this bathing suit cover up. I bought it at Francesca’s and actually my mom also bought one from there as well. Here is the link to her cover up as well.

The photo above was at Lido Beach. Who wouldn’t want to stroll down that sidewalk?

Today (Thursday) was our last day. Near where we stayed there are a bunch of houses that were transformed into little shops. One was actually a restaurant called The Breakfast House. It was such a quaint little place and the blueberry pancakes were amazing!

(Yes, I burned a bit)

My mom and I spent the day bumming around and enjoying the city. We did some shopping and just took in the beautiful weather.

I found this tank at Charming Charlie but cannot find it online, even though I just bought it earlier this week. But anyway, the shorts are American Eagle and the sandals Maurice’s.


So there you have it! I hope you guys enjoyed.

Thanks for reading! I’m clocking out to catch a few hours of sleep before out plane takes off!




Off the shoulder blouse: Altar’d State; Dark wash jeans, similar: Francesca’s; Suede booties, similar: Famous Footwear? (Pics by my momma)

Happy Friday guys!

The weekend is almost here and hopefully ya’ll have some weekend plans. I am counting down the days (4) until my plane takes off for the Sunshine State. ?My mom and I are heading down for a few nights to visit some family friends and to take advantage of a li’l bit of R & R.

Looking forward to a few days of summer to be sure and wondering if the guy at the table next to me will let me borrow his Hawaiian shorts.

I’m gonna ask.

Anyway, since it is not quite summer here…

I thought this flowy blouse was perfect for spring. ?The off the shoulder look is defiantly in but I thought this shirt could go either way. I paired it with a pair of dark wash jeans but leggings and/or flats would work as well.

Let me know what you think!

Also, I am now on Pinterest. Or starting Pinterest shall I say. Not much there yet but follow and grow with me!





Hey hey! So I wanted to share with ya’ll some great spring pieces and ideas that will help you transition from winter to summer with ease.

Now honestly, I really don’t like spring. If the weather consistently improved I don’t think I would hold such a grudge against it. ?But the 65 and sunny one day, and then 42 and rainy the next kills me. ?Not to mention the mud doesn’t help.

I’m ready for summer now.

But hey, here are some bright pieces to carry you through those rainy days!


1.?Brown canvas ball cap: Perfect for that on-the-go Monday morning, and under $20

2.?Weaved scarf w/pom pom trim: Lovin’ this blush color, perfect for spring/summer and also under $20

3.?Hi-low maxi skirt: Flowy and romantic. Easter?

4.?Slouchy open stitch sweater: Now only $25 @ Hollister! Pair it with shorts on that spring morning.

5.?Faux swede peep toe booties: Ok, so whoever designed these shoes are brillant! They are everywhere and for good reason. They can be paired with a dress or jeans, dressed up or down, and perfect for slipping from winter boots to summer sandals. Unfortunately, sizes are very limited. Find more @ Maurices.com.

6.?Midi shorts: I have this pair and love the length! Plus now over at AEO shorts are buy one get one half off. ( I snagged mine last week)