Hey there, Babes! Anyone ever think high-waisted jeans would be back? Right up there with shoulder pads and denim on denim. It all comes back around sooner or later. I bought these jeans a year or two ago from TJMaxx (they’re Hollister brand) and never really wore them much until I re-found them in my dresser. They are a new look for me. Let’s be real, any day I wear jeans is a “new” look! So I decided to share… Read more »

Striped lace up blouse: Aeropostale; Midi shorts: AEO; Two tone strap sandals: Maurice’s Good Morning guys! Once again I find myself sitting in Starbucks. Honestly it has been a while since my last visit but I just love sitting here sipping on a drink, with my laptop in front of me. I could sit here for hours, and often times I do. I’ll work a little, write a bit, and spend plenty of time people watching. So earlier this week… Read more »