Can anyone else tell that I was absolutely chilled to the bone in these pictures? I’m such a freeze baby to begin with, and this was quite the day for a li’l photo shoot. My nose is so red! And that last one is definitely candid (It is pretty near impossible for me to take serious pics-I just feel so weird!).

Anyway, if you deal with cold weather, you know how easy it is to throw style out the window for something warm. So I thought I would share with ya’ll some of my winter faves (when I do decide to skip the over sized hand-me-down hoodie). And note: I do normally wear jackets in the winter! lol. But you guys just had to check out this textured cardi from Hollister (which is one of my new fave stores at the moment)! It is sooooo comfy, warm, and cozy, and it was 1/2 off baby!

Heavy and chunky sweaters are seriously your best bet! If it’s a pullover sweater I even love to pair a statement necklace with it (it’s an easy way to brighten up an outfit and look more pulled together). And remember to layer! Even if you can’t see a shirt underneath, something tight against you will help keep you warmer. Plus, if you are worried about getting too hot, you have the option to take the top layer off.

Need I say…leggings? I know I know, this is getting out of hand. But they are just so comfy and versatile. I especially love the fleece lined ones. They are so much warmer and also hold their shape much longer than your average knit pair. Also,these boots are my go-to boots for the winter for the reason that I love the camel color. Generally, you should stay away from mixing browns and blacks (they clash). But lighter and more orange browns look great against black. These go with the majority of my closet, and I have even paired them with a dress and legwarmers as well. (Also, the faux leather is great because you don’t have to worry about salt stains, and they are super easy to clean).

Also, my scalloped purse (H & M) was one of my Christmas gifts. (It won’t keep you warm but it’s pretty cute). I had been wanting a structured purse and love this one! The color (what color is that…taupe?) goes with everything and I just love the scallops. H & M has a great selection to choose from and they are affordable as well.

Don’t forget to comment below. I’d love to hear some of your winter faves!


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